How To Unlock Nokia 5.4 Bootloader?

Hey Nokia 5.4 Users!

Want to unlock the Nokia 5.4 bootloader without making too many efforts. Users think unlocking the bootloader is difficult. Do you also think so?

Here’s the answer. Yes, it is difficult. But only when you don’t know the exact way to unlock. Once you know all steps and the execution guide, then you’ll easily unlock your device.

I’m I right.

Don’t worry I’ll guide step-by-step through all Guide. And I’m 100% sure anyone can unlock their Nokia bootloader after reading this article.

Let’s start the process of unlocking the bootloader.

What Is Android Bootloader?

The bootloader is a program that starts when device power is on to activate the operating system. In other words, unlock bootloaders is key to make your device a super android device. Make sense! Here’s the simple wording.

Without unlocking the bootloader, you can’t root your device and can’t install any Custom ROM. As you, by rooting your device you can make the Nokia 5.4 device into a super device. That’s we’re saying this is key for you if you want to experience next-level things.

Advantages Of Unlock Nokia 5.4 Bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader gives you a number of benefits. So let’s discuss each benefit so you’ll feed confidence that your decision of unlocking the bootloader is good.

First, you can Install TWRP Recovery On Nokia 5.4 easily. And let me tell you one thing you can’t install twrp recovery and can’t root without unlocking the bootloader.

This is mandatory before doing anything above mention. Next, you can install any mod android application and you don’t have to give specific permission to install.

The third one is you can remove bloatware easily and remove pre-installed apps which are the biggest reason for battery loss.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Disadvantages Of Unlock Nokia 5.4 Bootloader

The official warranty of the device will lose once you unlock the device bootloader.

It means you can’t claim any warranty.

Guide To Unlock Nokia 5.4 Bootloader

First, you have to read the vital steps then you’ll eligible to implement steps.


This process doesn’t require lots of work before unlocking. You have to prepare your device by enabling the Developer option and OEM unlocking.

Unlocking bootloader will erase all the data. So do at your own risk.

Sometimes the developer options not showing on the device. In that case, you have to enable the developer option first.

Once the developer option is enabled, then the next step is to enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking.

In short – Developer option >> Enable OEM Unlock.

Once you’ve done you’re eligible to unlock the device bootloader. Did you enjoy it?

Steps To Unlock Bootloader

  • First, Reboot your nokia 5.4 into the download mode.
  • Next, switch off your device and connect device with PC. Wait a sec to show charging status on nokia device.
  • Now press and hold the volume down + Power button at same time untill the device enters into the fastboot mode.
  • Next, Open CMD (command prompt) or Powershell in platform tools folder.
  • Type fastboot flashing unlock command.
  • Now you need to comfirm the unlock on your device. Here volume keys will be use to go up down and power button work as ok button. So press the power key after navigate the unlock button.
  • After this the device data will be erased from the internal storage and device will reboot back to the normal android system.

Critical Unlock

The process of critical unlock is

  1. First,  Reboot the device into download mode.
  2. Type following command on cmd wimdow fastboot flashing unlock_critical
  3. Now confirm the bootloader on nokia device. Device will again reboot to the android system.

Congratulations you unlocked the nokia 5.4 bootloader.

If you find any error while implementing above mention guide then make sure you comment below. Alternatively, you can email us via the contact us page.

After unlocking bootloader, if you want to root Nokia 5.4 device with and without PC then make sure you check out this article –

Hope it helps you.


Unlocking the bootloader is really a wonder for android lovers. Because this will open the ways to make the device a super android device.

Does it make sense?

Yes, Because bootloader allows you to edit the android system files which is impossible for non-root users.

To gain success in unlocking the bootloader you have to follow all the above mention steps carefully. Hope you enjoyed it.

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