[working 100%] How to backup android device easily?

Do you want to backup all the data of your Android Device? In this article, I’m going to guide you step-by-step. By following our helpful guide you can easily take the backup of your android device.

Let’s come to our topic if you’re familiar with custom recovery and Rooting Android devices. Then a fear always comes in your mind i.e. after Rooting my all device data would be wiped. I’ve come up with a solution that you can take a backup of before rooting your android device. Yes, you heard right you can take backup android devices easily before rooting.

But i know that every data is may not be important for you. I mean to say that, Let’s assume if you want to backup your contacts then you don’t want to backup other media.

What you should do to take backup individual data type. Well in this article i’m going to guide you completely how you can take backup easily all data of your device. And also if you want, you can take backup individual data type. i.e Only photos, contacts, call logs, Android applications, Messages and much more.

Firstly I use Google drive to take backup all data of your Android device. Then i will guide you how you can take backup of individual data. Lets play with backup data-

Backup Android device Data using Google drive?

Well you can take complete backup Android Device data by using Google drive. Google drive gives you faculty to take complete android data backup on virtual storage of google. Google gives 15 GB storage space to every user of gmail.

Mean as simple you can store every kind of data on g-drive upto 15 GB storage space. But if you want more data space then you have to pay for that space.

For This extra space you have to pay on a monthly basis or you can take the plan on a yearly basis. I recommend you to go with a free plan because 15 GB is enough storage for a normal user.

Go Pro plan of google drive if you want to keep your company data on it. And other important files also. But here i guide you only on how you can easily take complete backup of your Android device Before Rooting.

So you can prevent yourself by losing the fear of your important data. Below i ad a infographic to show that google 15 GB free storage . Let’s start with google drive – 

Pre – Requirement for Complete Android Backup 

  • Make sure you have a Gmail id
  • Gmail id sync with your android device
  • Internet connection with good speed

These steps are necessary for taking backup on google drive. You must have an gmail id so you can take backup on that gmail id. If you don’t have gmail id then check out google official website in order to create a new gmail account. Sounds good, stay tuned with us.

After that you have to sync your gmail id in your android device. I know a question in your mind is how you can sync with gmail id. Don’t worry i’m guide you in just simple steps i.e. Go to system setting>>Account & Sync>>Tap on that gmail id which you want to sync>> Select data type>> At last hit the sync now button.

Perfect just now you have successfully sync your gmail id with your android device. Now whenever you take backup of data. Then the backed up data will go to the google drive on sync gmail account. So don’t be puzzled to find your backup data, directly navigate your gmail id on google drive and find your data.

This backup data will be very useful for you in case you install TWRP Recovery on your device. Here check out our guide to install TWRP Recovery on Redmi 9A. By reading this you got some idea how backup data help you in case you format your Android  device

Note – This data will go on google drive so don’t worry about your data whether it is secure or not. Remember that here is google so you don’t have to worry about your security.

Google is the symbol of trust. Google drive service is cloud base so there is no downtime. Mean that you can access your data 24/7 when you need.

Guide to Take Backup with using Gmail

  • Go to the settings of your device
  • Find Navigate Accounts & sync Option
  • Open this menu there is list appear of all your gmail account
  • Tap on that account on which you want to back up of your device data
  • Then a list of data type will appear which shows i.e Contacts, Drive, Gmail and much more
  • Select the data type whose backup you want in your google drive.
  • At last Tap on Sync Now Button.
  • After that Press back Button and Navigate Backup Data option and tap to open
  • Then you’ll option where you want to store your backed up android data.
  1. VivoCloud
  2. Google server

Note: Here i’m using vivo device that’s why my device shows vivo cloud option to take backup. In your case may be some options are different depending on your device. So don’t be confused.

  • Tap on Google server and Enable Back up my data button
  • Below you’ll see your Gmail on which your backup data will go.
  • Now go to Settings > check Backup & Reset option
  • Check Back up my data.

Cool, you have successfully sync your android device with Gmail and enable the backup button. Now google will automatically take backup of all those files which you select.

Note that google also keeps wi-fi passwords, bookmarks, other settings and application data on google server once you enable the backup data button then all data which you mention will go to the google server. You can retrive your data anytime when you need. This backup helps at that time when your device formats by mistake.

Note – Google automatically takes backup of your files so you don’t have to take manual backup. This is the common query of google drive users. I hope now this question is clear in your mind.

In case you don’t understand some steps. No problem below I attached a video that is completely easy to take action. You can easily take complete backup by seeing this video.

Source –  TWRP UPDATE YouTube Channel

Benefits of taking backup android device

Mouth watered point about Android Backup – Once you take the backup of your data files. Then the fear of losing data has gone permanently. Below some pros of taking backup of the Android device.

  • You can Restore your data any time 24/7
  • No need to store backup data in your device memory
  • Take the only backup and give permission to google
  • Next google do the Rest, You don’t have to work anymore
  • No need to Install Third-Party Application For taking backup

These are some Benefits and positive points about Backing up data. I hope you enjoy this guide so much. Comment below if you have any queries.

Pro Tip – Follow our step by step guide, after reading this guide I’m sure 100% that you can easily able to your android backup.

Backup Images, videos, Audio, Documents, application

Every kind of data backup on one roof, Yes you heard right. Here I’m going to guide you on how to take Backup of every kind of data using the official app of google Files app. You only need to download the Files go application. And Rest part applications do automatically. After this guide I promise you, I’ll provide you a video in case you don’t understand my works in the article then after watching the video things are clear on your mind so make sure you read this article carefully. So let’s start a guide about back up all data.

  • Download official files app of google on PlayStore –Check out

  • Install Application properly and sync with Gmail id on which you want to take backup

  • Now navigate and select the files whom you want to back up

  • Select that file And Tap the three dots on the top right corner

  • Tap on the Third option after clicking three dots i.e “Back Up to Google Drive
  • Then App will ask you to select your Gmail id

  • Tap on your Gmail and select Folder on which you want to backup File

  • At last Tap on saving, this file is automatic upload on g-drive when data is ON

Check out the complete guide which is official from google files. Here is our video which I promise you to make on this topic. This video is completely dedicated to how to take complete backup by using the Files app of Google

Source – Official TWRP Update channel

Perfect everything is fine. By following this video You have successfully taken a backup of your selected files. This process is the Same for every data. You have to select and take backup on your Gmail id. Back-Up data automatically will go to your Gmail id or Google cloud server. Is not is simple and easy. comment below if this guide helps you and drop your thought for improving us.




How to take backup using Gmail?

Download files app>>sync with gmail id>>select files>>Tap on three dots on top right corner>>hit the backup on google drive button. BY following this path you can easily backup your android phone data using Gmail.

How do I completely backup my Android device?

Using Google drive you can completely take backup of your android device easily. Download google drive application, select any file whose you want to backup. After selecting tap on share option>>share with google drive. By following this way your selected file will go to the google drive.

How do i backup my entire device easily?

Go to the setting>>Accounts & sync>>After that select “auto sync data‘>> select your Gmail id >> Then make sure that backup button enable>> Tap on google server>>Now navigate Backup & Reset option>> check backup my data.

Can i take backup without PC?

Yes,using google drive you can easily backup android phone. No need to connect with PC.

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